Whipple 3.8L Trumps 3.0L Supercharger for Coyote 5.0L V8

Whipple 3.8L Trumps 3.0L Supercharger for Coyote 5.0L V8

Posted by Beefcake Racing on Aug 14th 2020

The new larger displacement 235ci Whipple supercharger for the 5.0L Coyote now boast a displacement of 3.8L versus the prior models 3.0L size. This GEN 5 supercharger comes as a complete kit or available as a 3.0L upgrade for existing customers. Increased efficiency and improved operating temps make this the ideal choice for big horsepower builds. A long list of new features like dual intercooler, high flow lid, improved throttle body angle and increased runner length make it the most powerful model yet. 

Whipple 3.8L Beefcake Specials 

Whipple 3.8L for 2018+ Mustang GT / Bullitt

Whipple 3.8L for 2015-2017 Mustang GT

Whipple 3.8L for 2011-2014 Mustang GT

Whipple 3.8L for 2007-2014 GT500

Whipple 3.8L for 2016-2020 Shelby GT350

Whipple 3.8L Supercharger Upgrade for Ford 5.0L and 5.2L Mustangs at Beefcake Racing

New 3.8L superchargers will only be offered in competition kits and Whipple Beefcake Specials. Kits will come standard as a 6-rib setup with 10 rib upgrade option. 

Stage 1 and 2 Kits Include

  • 3.8L Head Unit
  • 3.8L Intercooler and Lid Setup
  • Supercharger Pulley
  • Belt Drive System (6 Rib Standard; 10 rib upgrade available)
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Cold Air Intake
  • Throttle Body (132 stage 1, 150mm stage 2)
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Intercooler Reservoir
  • Intercooler pump and all hoses for the intercooler system
  • Engine Lowering Brackets (Required to clear the factory hood)
  • All Necessary Items to Install Supercharger Kit

Whipple 3.0L to 3.8L Swap Kits 

Upgrade kits for existing 3.0 Gen 5 owners who want the new 3.8L units include the head unit, intercooler, lid, and engine lowering kit. Upgrade kits are not compatible with gen 2/3/4 supercharger kits. The 3.8 uses the same pulley and bracket system as the 3.0L Gen 5's.

Shop: Whipple 3.8L Swap Kits (upgrade from 3.0L)

Size and Hood Clearance

The new 3.8L housing appears similar to the 3.0L Gen 5 but dimensionally the new unit is superior. The 3.8L Whipple for the Coyote is .375" taller than the 3.0L but will fit under the stock Mustang hood and cowl with Whipple's engine lowering brackets (which are included in the kits). Most aftermarket hoods will still require this as well.

In Depth 3.8L Supercharger Features

Designed using the technology of the 3.0L Gen 5, this new head unit is larger and more efficient in many ways. The patent pending dual intercooler, high flow lid deliver more airflow for repeatable power. The improved throttle body angle and increased runner length help high rpm airflow and still maintain excellent low end torque. 

Whipple 3.8L Supercharger Red fits 5.0L Ford at Beefcake Racing

  • New patent pending dual intercooler for improved efficiency
  • New high flow fittings, dual in, dual out, 12an and 16an
  • New CFD based inlet design for greatly improved efficiency 
  • New rotor inlet shape for increased airflow
  • New tilted throttle angle for increased airflow
  • New, higher flow lid for improved cylinder distribution
  • Increased runner length for increased torque/throttle response
  • New Whipple rotor profile
  • Increased diameter vs length for optimum efficiency
  • Updated front pulley and bearing design
  • With or without race port

Whipple 3.8L Supercharger Black fits 5.0L Ford at Beefcake Racing

The rotors offer a 6% increase in flow efficiency for better boost characteristics. The larger rotors (right) compared to the 3.0L (left) are designed for serious power capabilities.

Whipple 3.8L Supercharger Comparison

All applications will be offered with the 3.8L Gen 5 upgrade, including the 2020 Shelby GT500, F150 Truck, Hemi and of course the popular GM models with LS or LT powerplants.

Beefcake Racing is an Authorized Dealer for Whipple Superchargers, call 1-855-827-7223 from 9am-10pm EST