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At BCR Performance, we use what we sell. All of our in-house builds use our best selling, proven parts from the best manufacturers. If you want to see more, head over to our Project Car Videos Page to see them on the dyno and at the track. 


2022 Ford F-150 - Project Hellfyre


Like a modern day Lightning our 2022 Ford F-150 Single Cab aka. Hellfyre is a force of nature.  Off the show floor this truck was pretty nasty in stock form, but after we added some mods we have this beast burning up the roads and tracks.  With a Vortech Super Charger, Cobra Jet Intake, and a fire tune from our friends at 5 Star Tuning this truck can hurt some feelings.  We didn't stop at engine mods, we've added some Weld S81 HD Wheels, Mickey Thompson Tires and a VAS Suspension kit to help get this power to the ground.  To make the truck look as good as it drives we have added Alpha Rex Headlights and fog lights, Morimoto Tail Lights and a sick Cervini's 3" Cowl Hood.  Click Here to Check out the build list.

2020 Shelby GT500 - Project Scorcher


Calling this beauty " Project Scorcher " due to the bright as the sun orange color, def like the blue stripes. This car is wicked from the factory but we plan on turning it up a bit with a Tune, LTH Exhaust, Griptech Pulley and eventually a Whipple Supercharger upgrade. Stay tuned for more power and sound coming soon. See all Beefcake Racing Shelby 2020 GT500 Performance Upgrades 


2018 Mustang 5.0L GT - Vortech Supercharged


This car is our current drag car, its basically build top to bottom. The 10 Speed 10r80 Auto trans is build with Suncoast Converter and McLeod clutches. The Vortech S/C is screaming at max rpm with Custom Tuning and Fore Innovations fuel systems. At over 1000+ HP, the Coyote 5.0L is ready to roll on the street or at the track. The Steeda Stop-the-Hop kit with Viking adjustable Crusader shocks keep the suspension in check. Kooks long tube Headers and Corsa Xtreme exhaust give it a true american muscle car sound, yet comfortable to cruise on the highway without being too loud. This car runs sub 9-Sec in the 1/4 mile and easily drives to the grocery store or to church on Sunday. See all Beefcake Racing 2018 Mustang Performance Upgrades 


2018 F150 5.0L - Whipple Supercharged


Slammed and Whippled this 2018 F150 is blast to drive. Lowered with a Belltech lowering kit and sound is provided buy a SOLO Exhaust. Fore Innovations fuel system upgrades make this truck easy to drive on the daily and power when needed. Did we mention this is a 4wd F-150 and let us tell you, this thing hooks and books all day long. See all F-150 Performance Parts at Beefcake Racing. 


2017 Ford Raptor - SVT Ecoboost


Super fun truck to drive, real head turner. We added the 37" Mud Terrains to our 20" KMC wheels along with an easy to install 2.5" Ready Lift kit. Truck looks good and is ready for more power. We are looking at the Whipple Upgrade kit and some exhaust mods. Shop all Ford Raptor Performance Upgrades at Beefcake Racing


2016 Hellcat Charger - Whipple Supercharged


The purple SRT Hellcat has been a labor of love, gobs of power and nice highway cruiser. The Whipple upgrade kit and Fore fuel system made a huge difference. Stainless Works Headers and free flow exhaust add to the race car sound we really like. Driveshaft Shop lightweight driveshafts and Viking adjustable shocks helped put power to the ground. Hemi tuning was handled by Injected Engineering, they expertly perfected the throttle response and maintained the proper air-fuel-ratio. We also added Race Star Wheels for the drag pack look. Loved this Hellcat, truly a great family car that turns heads and smokes the tires when needed. Shop all Dodge Hellcat Charger Performance Parts upgrades at Beefcake Racing 


2015 Mustang 5.0L GT - Vortech Supercharged


Nicknamed "Project Belle" our 2015 Mustang GT was a fun and fast project. Nice Triple Yellow Ford 2015 Mustang GT with 6R80 Auto trans was quickly upgraded with many of the parts we sell. The crew at Beefcake Racing turned this bone stock brand new car into an 9sec pure race car with the capability to be driven daily on the street. Premium Package with Full Screen Back Up Camera. How does 1106 rwhp -Daily Driver, 3550lbs without driver sound? Best of 8.64@160mph - 100% Street Trim, on E85. Tuning & a Fore Innovations fuel system, Viking Shocks, DSS Driveshafts and Half-Shafts, Race Star wheels, UPR catch can, Vortech S/C plus many more. See all Beefcake Racing 2015 Mustang GT Performance Parts