Solo Performance Exhaust

Black Friday Sale 15% Off (11/20 - 11/27)

Solo Performance exhaust systems offer a very deep muscle car sound that add performance. Solo exhaust systems are the result of many years of expertise in the exhaust industry. Solo Exhaust Systems use tunable J-Pipes to eliminate interior cabin drone. This produces a quiet sound at cruise speeds but gets louder as you hit the gas. Great for cars with headers and superchargers. There’s a deep, raw, rich and mean exhaust sound on the outside and a non-invasive performance exhaust note on the inside. Solo Exhaust kits are made from Stainless Steel and designed to be completely bolt on using basic hand tools. Authorized Dealer for Solo Performance Exhaust, call 1-855-827-7223, 9am-10pm EST. 

Black Friday Sale 15% Off  Solo Exhaust at Beefcake Racing