Paxton Superchargers

Paxton Superchargers are one of the best kits to add power with easy installation. Our Paxton 2200SL Beefcake Specials are the best selling combo packages we offer with all necessary upgrades. Paxton engineers create a fully integrated supercharger systems that not only appear as if they were original equipment but it operates at an even higher level of performance. The boost curve generated by Paxton's centrifugal superchargers are ideally matched with today's highly evolved modular or push rod engines. Be sure to add our Torque Booster for even more horsepower and torque to give your supercharger a better low rpm torque feel. Beefcake Racing is a Factory Authorized Paxton Supercharger Dealer, call 1-855-827-7223 for the guaranteed Lowest Prices. 

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