Krona Performance Exhaust

Krona Performance designs performance exhaust systems and downpipes for american muscle cars. Each systems is a high performance upgrade with a factory fit using 304SS. A high performance exhaust is a fine balance of quality craftsmanship, fitment, and free flowing design. Made in the USA, we dictate a very stringent quality control process enabling us to provide a lifetime warranty on all our exhaust products. Krona’s Signature B.A.M.F. System (Bolt-on And Modular Function) make upgrading your exhaust in the future really simple. Krona Performance exhaust systems are modular, which means that you can pick and choose which components fit your needs and your budget. You can install a full system now or build one over time. The modular system also allows for quick and easy replacements and upgrades. No matter what you choose—a downpipe, a cat back, or a full turbo back— the proper adapter pieces are included to make these components compatible to mate with both the factory and Krona system. The Krona turbo-back system weighs in at only 55lbs, which is 25lbs lighter than the stock system! Call Beefcake Racing 1-855-827-7223 from 9am-10pm EST