Turbosmart is an industry leader in high performance turbo and supercharger accessories specializing in Blow Off Valves (BOV) and Turbo Wastegates. Performance, reliability and high quality of manufacture sets Turbosmart BOVs apart from the rest. Turbosmart BOVs have big flow capabilities while being small in size and light in weight. The Kompact range of BOVs and BPVs offer more versatility, higher performance, OEM fitment and less cost – everything you need. Kompact Series valves have been designed as a bolt-on replacement for plastic factory Bosch or Denso BOVs, while offering superior flow, and greater structural integrity under boost. A Turbosmart internal wastegate IWG has the wastegate valve built into the turbine housing. The wastegate valve is controlled by an actuator which consists of a spring and a sealed chamber. Turbosmart BOV and Wastegates our the #1 choice at Beefcake Racing, we use them in our Mustang Torque Booster kits to control boost levels. Call Beefcake Racing 1-855-827-7223 from 9am-10pm EST for more info and best pricing.