Tech: Custom Tuning

Tired of tuners who talk to you like your a child and overcharge for subpar service?

Want the power of a locomotive under the hood of your car or truck?
Hop on the Gravy Train at Beefcake Racing for your custom tune!  10 times the attention for 1/2 the cost! Get the attention and customer service support that you paid for and deserve. Our long standing presence in the Performance Automotive Industry allows us to have personal 1 on 1 connections to the industries best tuners. 
  • Supercharger, Naturally Aspirated, Turbo, Nitrous
  • E85, Race Fuels, Flex Fuel Tuning
  • Auto or Manual Transmission
  • Manifold Swap, Headers, CAI, Pulley Swap, Cams, Heads etc.
  • Optional Remote (Dyno) Tuning
  • Fuel System Upgrades
  • SCT or HP Tuner Devices 
For your 5.0L Coyote, we have custom tuning from Juggernaut "JP" Custom Tuning and Ortiz Performance who lead the industry in 2011-up Mustang tuning.  For the 2020+ Shelby GT500 owner, look no further than Coastal Performance and Palm Beach Dyno. Right now we are running a 5-Star tune on our Vortech powered F-150 and the 10r80 shifts perfectly with +800rwp. Livernois and SCT Performance step up the power levels but with 50 State Legal Tuning for the Ecoboost models. Now even our California residents can have more power and torque. Search our Complete List of C.A.R.B Compliant Parts to find the product that fits your needs.


JP Custom Tuning at Beefcake Racing

Juggernaut Performance Tuning (JP Tuning) offers SCT based performance calibrations for 2011+ Mustang, Ford F-150 and NEW Ford Bronco with Ecoboost engines. If you have upgraded your late model Ford, JP Tuning can easily adjust your ECU for more power with a proven record of smooth drivability. Tuning compatibility for mods including: Stock, CAI/Headers, E85/Flex, Nitrous/Cams, Downpipes, Pulley swaps, Transmission Swaps or any type of Boost ( Supercharger or Turbo). Optional remote tuning sessions allows for fine tuning while on the dyno for a specific race ready tune.  

Ortiz Performance Tuning at Beefcake Racing

Ortiz Performance Custom Tuning is the leader in Mustang tuning for any Supercharger, Turbo or Naturally aspirated builds. Maximize the Performance and Fuel Economy of your 2011+ Mustang 5.0L and Ecoboost models with a Custom Tune from Ortiz Performance. Based on SCT and HP Tuners devices, Ortiz offers the power and reliability we expect from a custom tune specific to your vehicles modifications. To properly tune your vehicle, a system of datalogging verification and tune revisions are integrated to ensure your car is operating optimally. Optional Ghost Cam Idle tune and Bravo 240 Burble Tune (Ecoboost only) give Ortiz the advantage over the competition.


Coastal Dyno Custom Tuning at Beefcake Racing

Coastal Dyno Custom Mustang Tunes are created specific to your vehicle based on your exact modifications. Coastal Dyno truly specializes in late model Mustang and Shelby GT500 tuning by holding many 1/4 records with many years of experience in Ford custom tuning. This makes their tuning much more than just a typical "canned" tune by making more power, better drivability and faster times at the track. If your Mustang makes more power than stock, adding a Coastal Dyno tune gives your car a boost in performance and power.


Livernois Motorsports Ford Mustang Custom Tuning

Livernois Motorsports & Engineering continues to expand the world of tuning possibilities with the My Calibrator tuner. Custom performance tunes, towing tunes, or fuel efficiency tunes for all types of modifications including full for naturally aspirated combinations to superchargers, turbos and nitrous kits. Livernois tuning features Dyno proven air/fuel adjustments, Considerable HP and TQ gains, Compatible with most performance packages, Transmissions modifications with reduced torque management, Modified shift points/firmness, Enhanced throttle response and of course the Revised rev limiter!


SCT Performance Tuning at Beefcake Racing

SCT Performance Handheld Tuners unlock your vehicles computer for more Power & Torque. Proven SCT X4 and BDX programmers hold the proper tune for your personal vehicle. Adding a custom tune is easy using our ordering form for your vehicles modifications loaded into your SCT device. Proven and reliable dyno tested performance tunes are pre-loaded to adjust your vehicles parameters like rev-limit, air-fuel-ration, transmission shift points for the best overall drivability. Optional 50-State Legal tuning is here! Real time data diagnostics helps maintains proper vehicle operations. 


HP Tuners Custom Tuning Devices at Beefcake Racing

HP Tuners custom tuning is the home of VCM Suite, VCM Editor, MPVI, RTD Device and VCM Scanner. HP Tuners can be used for diagnostics, scanning, logging and calibration for your modern OBD vehicle. At Beefcake Racing, we use HP Tuners for our own vehicles and they easily support unlimited horsepower and transmission combinations. For world class Custom Tuning head over to Beefcake Racing for exclusive Ford Mustang and F-150 tuning services with premium support for Supercharger, Turbo, Nitrous, E85, Cams or N/A applications. Available for all Ford and GM vehicles.


5 Star Custom Tuning at Beefcake Racing

5-Star Custom Ford Tuning adds more power and drivability to your late model vehicle with a proven custom tune. Using SCT devices, each tune is programmed to correct air-fuel-ratio, improve overall power output and a better shifting transmission. 5 Star specializes in Ford tuning but also covers GM, Dodge and many other applications. This is the perfect solution when adding cold air intakes, exhaust, superchargers, turbo upgrades and more. Our shop truck F-150 with a Vortech Supercharger is currently tuned by 5-Star with excellent throttle tip in and smooth 10r80 shifting. At 850rwhp, we have no complaints. 


Palm Beach Custom Dyno Tuning for Ford Mustang and F-150 Trucks at Beefcake Racing

Palm Beach Custom Tuning is now available for Mustang and Ford F-150 owners. PBD specializes in 5.0L Coyote tuning and Shelby GT500 tuning. Each tune is vehicle specific for more power and better throttle response and corrects the air-fuel-ratio. Tuning for any Naturally Aspirated, Supercharged, Turbo or Nitrous build using SCT and HP Tuners for maximum power while maintaining factory like driving quality with smooth throttle response and idle.