Beefcake Specials - Supercharger Kits

Shop the best pricing on complete supercharger kits for the Ford 2011-14 S197 Mustang GT, Shelby GT350 and the 2015-2020 S550 Mustang GT. The now world famous Beefcake Special Mustang centrifugal, twin screw or TVS style supercharger power packages are combinations of all the parts we use on our own race cars and customer builds. Assembled ready-to-run kits from Whipple, Vortech, Paxton, Procharger, VMP and Roush Performance make for true one stop shopping experience. Properly sized injectors, custom tuning, various pulley sizes, blow-off-valves, catch cans, low temp thermostats, cold air intakes and more. Premium matched components include Lund Racing Custom Tuning and Fore Innovations Fuel Systems are added to make the most available horsepower. Be sure to add long tube headers and free-flowing exhaust for even more power, we sell all major brands. Call our tech line 1-855-827-7223 from 9am-10pm EST.