VMP AC Bypass Fead Tensioner Bracket 8-Rib Version (5.0L Coyote) VMP-SUT021

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VMP AC Bypass FEAD Tensioner Bracket 8-Rib Version (tensioner not included)

*requires VMP-SUT002 or genuine Litens 999671A tensioner body

If you deleted the AC on your supercharged Coyote 5.0 L, this part is for you!

Our bracket also works on front covers that have been ground on to install a Roush-style FEAD. This AC bypass bracket solves the conundrum of converting to a VMP-style no-grind FEAD with options for 6-, 8-, and 10-rib. If you need a tensioner solution for a ground-on front cover, you may also use the AC bypass bracket system with AC still installed.

  • Works on both stock and ground-on front covers
  • Allows you to delete the AC compressor pulley
  • Multiple tensioner clocking holes to adjust for different pulley sizes and belt lengths
  • Works with VMP Street and Race No-Grind FEAD kits (VMP-SUT018 and VMP-SUT019)

Why did we create this? The AC compressor typically functions as an idler pulley in the supercharger belt drive on VMP, Roush, and Harrop Coyote supercharger kits. On VMP Odin or Gen3R equipped with no-grind FEAD systems, the belt has no way to route once the AC compressor is removed. This bracket allows you to properly route the belt without an AC pulley. Without AC, the belt is approximately 12" shorter (see belt chart).

This bracket also adds the following additional features:

  • Compatibility with stock 6-rib, NEW design VMP 8-rib, and NEW design VMP 10-rib
  • Compatibility with stock or modified front timing covers
  • Tensioner clocking adjustability
  • All bearings on-center to prevent belt deflection or walk
  • Billet idlers to prevent failure (not stamped steel)
  • Special smooth idler with double-row bearing and standoff for the tensioner

Kit includes:

  • VMP AC bypass bracket and standoffs VMP-SUT014
  • All necessary hardware to mount bracket to front cover
  • Combo tensioner 17 mm length hex nut VMP-SUT017
  • VMP 60 mm aluminum idler pulley 1.5" - double row VMP-60-SM-DB
    • Idler standoff VMP-ISPC-7-17-SM
  • VMP 76 mm ribbed idler - 8-rib VMP-76-8-20-RB
    • VMP-TSPC-20-8-10RB and VMP-SPC-155-8-10RB

*Does not work with VMP old design 8- and 10-rib kits due to belt alignment differences in Roush vs. VMP FEAD systems.

*only use 8- and 10-rib versions with VMP/ATI overdrive balancers with a lip on each side of the supercharger drive pulley.

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm