Bluestreak 6R80 E-Clutch Upgrade 3-4 Shift (11-17 Mustang / F150)

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The Bluestreak E clutch kit has been developed to increase the available clamping power of the 6R80/6HP26 “E” clutch particularly the engagement on the 3-4 shift. The “E” clutch has always been a weak point due to its smaller diameter compared to the other clutches in the transmission and while the use of better materials and increased clutch count helps, it does not allow the clutch to survive full seasons of abuse.

The method used in this kit is to not only increase count and use a better friction and steel material for engagement, but also to spread the load out and dissipate heat better. Clutch for Clutch our system increases surface area a minimum of 60% above any other direct fit clutch system available and can be installed as either a 9 clutch or 10 clutch setup
For example, as compared to the
Exedy/GPZ “drop in” systems currently available, our kit further increases surface area of the E clutch by 60% (9 frictions) or 78% (10 frictions)

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NOTE: This clutch system has been supplied pre-built as a 10 clutch system but can be built as a 9 clutch system at personal preference. Our test customers have run consistent mid to high 7 second ¼ mile passes and enjoyed durability as a 9 clutch system so do not assume you HAVE to run it with 10 clutches. Our preference for maximum durability is to run these as a 10 clutch system and and has shipped with the following layout:

  - 4.0mm bottom plate
  - 10 x frictions and 9 x steels alternating
  - 5.0mm stepped top plate (step orientated for snap ring location)
  - 1.7mm snap ring
  - Air-testing with a dial indicator and soaked frictions, this pack was setup on the bench by
Bluestreak with 0.070” free-play as assembled above.

* Alternatively, you can choose to build it as a 9 clutch system with the following layout:

  - 5.0mm bottom plate (supplied in a separate bag)
  - 9 x frictions and 8 x steels alternating
  - 1 x remaining steel to be installed between the top friction and the stepped top plate.
  - 5.0mm stepped top plate (step orientated for snap ring location)
  - 1.7mm snap ring
  - This will increase free-play approximately 0.020” compared to how the clutch pack left
Bluestreak and a thicker snap ring may be required.  

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm