Whipple Cobra Jet Gen 5 Supercharger Upgrades = More Boost

Whipple Cobra Jet Gen 5 Supercharger Upgrades = More Boost

Posted by BCR Blog on Jun 16th 2021

The GEN 5 supercharger from Whipple is a proven performer on the S550 Mustang. With 3.0L of positive displacement, it adds more low end torque and upper rpm horsepower to the Coyote 5.0L engine.  Now lets talk about the Cobra Jet upgrades, these items will take your GEN 5 to the next level of performance. Increased air flow, high flow cooling and maximum cold air truly make the Cobra Jet mods a choice for the horsepower junky. Lets take a look at a few of the components such as the Lid, Throttle Body and Cold Air Intake. The new 3.8L GEN 5 is also available for the Coyote for those running modified engines. The 3.8L is best suited for race applications in which the block is built with stronger than oem components.

Whipple Superchargers

Converting your standard Whipple to the Cobra Jet starts with the upgraded supercharger lid. This purpose built design improves cooling by directing more fluid to critical areas. Cooler temps mean more horsepower and better repeat performance. 

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Whipple Supercharger Cobra Jet Lid Upgrade

The next upgrade is the most popular because it works with both the standard GEN 5 lid as well as the Cobra Jet option. The Cold Air intake is very easy to install and draws in air from the lower position on driver side of the car, this produces a true hi-flow and cool air combo. Colder air makes more horsepower and best for repeated drag race use.

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Whipple Cobra Jet Cold Air Intake

If your looking for the max effort combo, the Whipple 150mm throttle body is the last piece of the Cobra Jet upgrades. At 150mm (2400cfm) in size, its much larger than the stock 80mm throttle body and larger than the Stage 2 132mm unit. Yes, this is the big dog of air flow and a must have item for serious power gains. 

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Whipple 150mm Cobra Jet Throttle Body

Whipple offers one of the highest flowing (2400cfm) fly-by-wire elliptical blade throttle body available today. The elliptical throttle body, dubbed the Roval fits the unique GEN 5 supercharger inlet housing. Performance gains of nearly 40hp can be achieved on the Whipple Mustang kit with the standard boost levels. With modified motors, power gains of nearly 200hp can be achieved!!