Ultimate Supercharger Refund

The Forced Induction specialists are at it again. Paired with our Biggest Supercharger Sale of the Year, we will be giving 1 full refunds for a super wonderful Christmas present. With qualifying purchase, we are refunding 1 Vortech / Paxton Supercharger kit and 1 Whipple Supercharger kit.  This also includes our most popular Beefcake Special Superchargers Packages* for popular 2011-2021 F-150, 2011-2021 Mustang GT including the Shelby GT350 kits. 




Its back, the biggest Supercharger Refund ever, we only do this once a year! Anyone who makes a purchase of a Whipple Supercharger or Vortech / Paxton supercharger between November 1st and Christmas Day 12/25 will be entered for a chance to win. 


  • 1 Refund* - Whipple Supercharger
  • 1 Refund* - Vortech / Paxton Supercharger 


- Drawing the day after Christmas 12/26
- Winners will be posted on Facebook and Instagram
* Refund is for supercharger kits only, the base complete or tuner kit with no add-ons, this includes the Beefcake Special Kits.



Starts Now: Savings and Refund 

Beefcake Special Superchargers - Include Injectors and Boost-a-Pump