Lund Racing Custom Tune

Lund Racing is the Best Ford EFI custom tuner in the business. All Beefcake Racing race cars and street cars are only tuned by Lund Racing. This is a custom tune specific to your vehicle from Lund Racing using your vehicles VIN number. Adjust your shift points, increase the rev-limiter, better drive-ability and of course more horsepower. Automatic transmissions now shift smoother, faster and more responsively. Excellent choice for any upgrades including headers, cold air intake, forced induction, E85 Conversions and more. No Coupon code needed!! Need a power package, view our Lund Racing Power Packages for Mustang and F-150 Trucks. 

Beefcake Racing is Lund Racing's #1 Dealer, call 1-855-827-7223 for support, from 9am-10pm EST


Each Lund Racing tune is specific to the vehicle not just a regular out of the box stock tune. We request all your modifications and vehicle parameters so we can build a custom program for YOUR vehicle. Data logging is used to gather real time information on how your car performs on the street, not just at the dyno. A Lund Racing Remote Tune is ideal for supercharged, nitrous, N/A or any heavy modded cars with specific gearing, weight, tire size, transmission lockup or any other requirements that need that final adjustment to be correct. The objective is to gain a clean tune through diagnosis of engine air-fuel ratio & fuel curve all done with remote access using Lund Tuning software and experience. Lund is well known for their E85 Flex Fuel Tune