Tune Town

Tune Town from Beefcake Racing offers custom tuning solutions for any performance vehicle. Our Ford tuning options are top notch and cover all the popular Mustang, GT500, F150 and GT350 models. Tune Town also supports the Mopar crowd for all the Dodge Challengers, Chargers and Hellcat models. If an engine swap is on the list, we offer custom tuning for the popular Coyote Swap and LS Swap vehicles. Our selection of tuners are the best in the industry for any Naturally Aspirated, Turbochargers, Superchargers, Nitrous, Cams, Heads and more.

Why choose a custom tune? Every tune is specific to your vehicles computer, this is not a general " Canned " tune. A vehicle specific custom tune allows the proper air-fuel ratio, rev-limiter adjustments, transmission shift point and improved throttle response for all your vehicles modifications. Every tune is specific to your car or truck and will maximize performance and drive-ability. Call 1-855-827-7223 from 9am-10pm EST for more info or to talk to our sales team about your vehicles build.



Custom Tuning

Lund Racing - Ford

OZ Tuning - Ford

AED Tuning - Ford

Li Tuning & Racing - Ford 

5 Star Tuning - Ford, GM, Jeep

Barth Tuning - Mopar

Dusterhoff Tuning - Mopar 


Pre-Loaded Tunes

SCT Tuning - Ford, GM, Chrysler

Diablosport - Ford, GM, Chrysler

Hypertech - Ford, GM, Chrysler


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